Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Regarding Thing 23

Ta Da! The last Thing!

It will be interesting to see when the things I learned during this process surface as I work at the information desk. I know they will pop into my head. I think it will be surprising, and therefore difficult to predict. By far, what I've enjoyed the most is keeping the learning blog. And I know that I still have much to explore about blogging.

I would definitely do another training in this format. It's flexibility is ideal as we face so many unknowns about our future.

Regarding Thing 22

This Thing should be replaced with a topic that really is new to us. Our customers are regularly asking about this resource. I can't say I offer much technical expertise, but we regularly introduce them to this source for listening. They are savvy and need very little assistance.

Personally, I haven't taken to any recorded books. Quite simply they make me sleepy.

Regarding Thing 21

Podcasts are old news at this point, aren't they? I've used them to listen to archived programs on BBC Radio 4. I can't say they're a big part of my life. And my interest in creating a podcast is somewhere in the negative column. They are useful. I'm glad they exist. I'd rather read a book.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Regarding Thing 20

Hands down, YouTube is the most accessible of the sites I tried. In fact, Google Videos often routes you there. Looking for videos about the arrival in China of U.S. born pandas Tai Shan and Mei Lan I tried http://www.yourfilehost.com/ and another whose name I can't remember. The most was to be found at YouTube. That said, I can't help adding my personal observation that the viewer comments are worthless, often illiterate and off topic, and frequently hateful. I recommend avoiding them. One could say the YouTube is the First Amendment with breath and sinew.

A site that sounds worth investigating is called TeacherTube, but I'm out of time for now.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Regarding Thing 19

I glommed on to the travel sites, as I have the itch due to the recent claustrophobia inducing snow. Using these, one can consolidate fare searches using a number of services at once. Annnnd.....I learned from fiddling with these that there are many more booking sites than I could have imagined. Even so, I can't afford to go anywhere that I want to go. But this lets me feel confident that I've turned over almost every stone.

And it's great the Etsy, one of my favorite shopping sites, is a winner here!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Regarding Thing 18

I had the same reaction to the vast choice of online productivity tools that I do when I go to Container Store or Strosniders Hardware or Bruce Variety. Somewhere here is the solution to all of life's administrative and organizational problems, things to get you over the humps that make it hard to get started on anything. But it's an illusion. The sites that help with spreadsheets and word processing, yes. But most of them require the very self direction and discipline the lack of which is driving you to use them in the first place. Sorry.

Regarding Thing 17

(Update below)

Another participant wrote for this Thing "abandon hope all ye who enter here." After an excessive amount of time I am doing just that. And that includes trying to find "43 Things" to select an alternative to do. I found something called "43 Things", but it included activities such as "swim with sharks," which I don't find appealing. Nevertheless this was an enlightening adventure in frustration and the imperfections inherent in just about everything. So not a total waste of time....I guess.

Update: Things are Looking Up! I found the site "43 Things I might want to do this year" and it offers great alternative "Things," should one of the 23 be out of order. Actually I think some of the 43 are a bit more interesting. I took a look at Click University and Google Labs.